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Artificial Urinary Sphincter Turkey

Male Incontinence Surgery Turkey

Urinary incontinence can also be temporary or permanent in various types and severity. In order to solve this pathology, which can seriously disrupt social life, observation, drug treatment or surgical procedure may be required for the underlying cause.

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Turkey

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Surgery Turkey

If a type of incontinence cause that cannot be resolved with support and medication is detected, urinary incontinence surgeries are essential in some patients. The technique of the surgery to be chosen in these patients also varies.

For example, since the anatomical features of the urinary tract of men and women are different, the appropriate operation method is often variable. In addition, the type of urinary incontinence will affect the choice of this surgical method.

Again, to give an example, although 'botox application to the bladder', which is considered a relatively simple method in a female urge incontinence patient who is resistant to drug treatment, gives good results, sling surgery will be the right approach for 'stress urinary incontinence'. If the patient is a male who has undergone cancer surgery (esp prostate cancer) and this leakage is also moderate to severe stress incontinence, implants of various types (artificial urinary sphincter) should be placed.

This article was written for artificial urinary sphincter surgery and for other types of urinary incontinence, you can visit link.

Is There Surgery to Fix Incontinance?

There are several successfull surgical techniquies for urinary incontinance, depending on the type of the incontinance, the patient's medical history, gender, and other factors. 

Male Urinary Incontinence Treatment

The most effective treatment method is implantation of an artificial urinary sphincter especially for stress urinary incontinance.

Can male incontinance be cured

For men, the artificial urinary sphincter is the most successfull method in the treatment of incontinance due to sphincter muscle failure and can be completely healed.

What is the Artificial Urinary Sphincter?

In healthy individuals, the sphincter, which surrounds the urinary canal called the urethra, allows us to urinate or hold urine when we want by contracting and relaxing with nervous commands. When this mechanism is disrupted, urinary incontinence occurs.

An artificial urinary sphincter device, which is a kind of prosthesis or implant produced for patients with moderate and severe urinary incontinence, where this mechanism is impaired, is placed.

How is Artificial Sphincter Implantation Performed?

These 3-piece devices are placed through incisions of approximately 10 cm made from the groin and the perineum, which is the lower part of the scrotum. It is not visible from the outside. Settlement is performed with general or regional anesthesia.

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Cost

The price of artificial sphincter surgery varies according to the model of device inserted. Costs range 8000 to 12000 USD in Turkey

Who are Candidates for Artificial Urinary Sphincter?

It can be easiliy performed to all male patients with post-surgical stress urinary incontinance, incontinance due to neurological diseases, and ability to apply the device with fingers.

Urinary Incontinence After Prostatectomy

Artificial sphincter surgery is frequently performed for urinary incontinence, especially after prostate cancer surgery. The European Association of Urology reported that 20% of urinary incontinence occurred even at 12 months after both robotic and open prostate cancer surgeries.

Again, after radiotherapy for prostate cancer and TUR-P, HOLEP and Open Prostate Surgery for prostate enlargement, although rare, permanent urinary incontinence may occur and artificial urinary sphincter placement may be required in the treatment of this. It may be recommended to place these devices in some neurological and idiopatic urinary incontinence.

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Incontinence?

Artificial sphincter implantation is the most effective method for moderate and severe stress urinary incontinence in male patients.

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Success

A satisfaction rate of up to 90% has been reported in patients in whom this device has been placed. It has been stated that approximately 70% of patients who use 5 pads a day decrease to 0-1 pads.

When does Artificial Sphincter Work?

The sphincter is not activated immediately after insertion. It is activated after about 1-2 months.

What are the Side Effects of Artificial Urinary Sphincter Surgery?

Every surgical procedure has some unwanted but expected side effects. In this surgery, there is a 10% chance of infection, 7% of mechanical failure, and 10% of erosion. For these reasons, patients may need to use long-term antibiotic therapy. Sometimes, the device may need revision and unfortunately sometimes the device may need to be removed.

As a result, consult your urology doctor to find out if you are a candidate for artificial urinary sphincter surgery.

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