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Varicocele Surgery Turkey

What is Varicocele?

The enlargement of the veins that carry the dirty blood in the testicles towards the heart and the pooling of this oxygen-depleted blood in the testicles is called varicocele.

Varicocele Surgery Turkey

Symptoms of Varicocele

Infertility: It is the most common known cause of male infertility.

Testicular Pain: There is an uncomfortable vague pain in the testicles that is not acute onset and is not throbbing.

Swelling in the testis: In the upper level of the testis with varicocele, swelling is seen in the cord with veins, especially in Grade 3 (3rd Degree) varicocele.

Decrease in testicular volume: Varicocele, which has existed for a long time, causes deterioration in the blood flow mechanism of the testis, causing destruction in the testicular cells and thus shrinkage.

What Causes Varicocele?

The pathogenesis (causes) of varicocele is unknown. Various risk factors have been implicated, but there is no conclusive proof. Occupations that stand a lot, chronic constipation, causes of increased intra-abdominal pressure are risk factors.

Treatment of Varicocele

The standard treatment for varicocele is surgery. It is recommended that this surgery be performed as microsurgical varicocele surgery due to the low probability of recurrence and the low number of side effects.

Varicocele Surgery

Does Every Varicocele Cause Infertility?

No. Varicocele does not always impair sperm and testosterone production. Therefore, varicocele does not always cause infertility and does not impair sexual performance.

Does Every Varicocele Need Surgery?

No. As long as it does not impair sperm quality and cause infertility, unless there is severe pain due to varicocele and it does not cause a decrease in testicular volume in adolescence, varicocele surgery is not required.

Can Varicocele be Cured Naturally? Will Varicocele Go Away?

Varicocele is a structural, anatomical problem and does not go away on its own.

Can Varicocele Be Cured Without Surgery?

Treatment models with drugs or embolization method have been tried without surgery for varicocele. However, these methods did not yield successful results. Varicocele is an anatomical problem that requires surgical correction.

What Happens If Varicocele Is Not Treated?

If varicocele is not treated, it can lead to loss of function in the cells that produce sperm and testosterone (male hormone) in the testis. Thus, if varicocele is not treated, it can lead to infertility and sexual disorders.

What Is Normal Size of Varicocele?

Is a 3 mm varicocele large?

Varicocele surgery necessity (indication) cannot be decided only by looking at the results of ultrasonography (scrotal Doppler USG) applied to the testicles and the vessel diameters therein. Examination is more important in the actual diagnosis, and the vessel size in ultrasonography is only used to confirm the diagnosis.

Varicocele Surgery

When is Varicocele Surgery Necessary?

In general, the diagnosis of varicocele with the examination and ultrasound results of a male individual who cannot have a child despite 1 year of sexual intercourse and the detection of low levels in some parameters in the sperm analysis requires varicocele surgery. Reduction in testicular volume during adolescence requires microscopic varicocele surgery. Again, significant varicocele and accompanying severe pain require varicocele microsurgery.

How is Varicocele Surgery Performed?

It is applied with an incision of approximately 3-5 cm from the inguinal region (subinguinal). Enlarged varicose veins are found and tied with the help of a microscope, thus preventing the polluted blood in the testis from ponding. The microscope also helps to ligation of the veins that cause varicocele; It also helps to protect the artery (arterial vein),lymphatics and sperm duct (ductus deferens).

Is Varicocele Surgery Major Surgery?

As with any surgical intervention, there are some risks in varicocele surgery. Varicocele surgery is not a major surgery with serious risks. Infection in the testis, injury to the artery, damage to the lymphatic vessels and bleeding are rarely seen. Especially with the microsurgical method, these risks are minimal (<1%).

Is Varicocele Surgery a Painful Surgery?

There is no serious pain after varicocele operations, which are applied with the help of a microscope through a small incision. With the need for painkillers for a few days, the process is over.

Why Microsurgical Varicocele Surgery?

A man with varicocele should have microscopic varicocelectomy because;

  • Safer
  • More succesfull
  • Rare possibility of recurrence

Varicocele Surgery (Microsurgery) Cost Europe

Microscopic varicocelectomy surgery costs vary according to the surgeon's interest and experience, hospital comfort and technical facilities. For more information Whatsapp: +90 532 485 0016 (Ranges from 1500 to 3500 USD in Turkey).

How Long Does Varicocele Surgery Take?

Varicocele surgery with the microsurgical method takes about 30 minutes.

When to Discharge After Varicocele Surgery?

Patients with varicocele surgery can usually be discharged within 12-24 hours.

Recovery After Varicocele Surgery

After a few hours of varicocele surgery, patients can walk and carry out normal household chores. They can also do their work outside within 2-3 days and return to business life in an average of 5 days. It is recommended to wait up to 1 month for jobs with serious physical strength and in case of intense exercise.

Sexuality After Varicocele Surgery

Patients who have varicocele surgery can return to their normal sexual activities within 2-3 weeks.

As a result, when you have a suspicion of varicocele (inability to have children, testicular pain, decrease in sexual performance),you should definitely consult your urologist and get the necessary information when varicocele is detected.

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    I have a varicocele which requires surgery. I would like to find out how much would it cost and what the procedure involves? Thank you!

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arif Demirbas

    Hello. We have sent the surgery details with whatsapp. Best regards

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    T b***11.06.2023

    Bonjour, j’espère que vous allez bien. S’il vous plaît j’aimerais avoir d’informations par rapport à la chirurgie de varicocele. C’est à dire la method, le temps et l’estimation et toute autre information nécessaire. Merci d’avance

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arif Demirbas

    Merci. J'espère que tu vas bien aussi. La méthode la plus idéale pour la chirurgie de la varicocèle est la chirurgie microscopique. Les patients peuvent être libérés et reprendre leur vie quotidienne dans les 24 heures. Pour plus d'informations, vous pouvez contacter le +905324850016 via WhatsApp.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arif Demirbaş
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