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Vasectomy is a male birth control method in which the sperm ducts are ligated.

Is there a birth control for males?

There are three birth control methods available for men. First one is condom use, second one is non-vajinal ejeculation the other is vasectomy surgery. Unfortunately, birth control pills for the male gender are still under development.


What is the 100% most effective contraception?

Abstinence is the only birth control that is 100% effective. There is no 100% method of contraception including vasectomy. However, the protection of vasectomy is over 99%.

What happens to a man when he gets a vasectomy?

The procedure is performed by cutting and ligating the vas deferens, which is the sperm duct coming from both testicles. Thus, no sperm is mixed into the ejaculate, called semen.

Does vasectomy prevent ejaculation?

No. Vasectomy only prevents sperm from mixing with semen. Ejaculation is achieved with other fluids that make up semen. These are produced by the seminal vesicle and prostate.

Does ejaculating with a vasectomy feel the same?

Vasectomy does not impair erection, ejaculation or orgasm. It only prevents the sperm, which constitute a small part of the semen fluid, from coming out.

Can a vasectomy cause erectile dysfunction?

No. Vasectomy is not a procedure that will impair erection.

Will a vasectomy cause low testosterone?

No. There is no relationship between the vas deferens and testosterone production or transport. Therefore, vasectomy does not reduce testosterone levels.

​Side effect of a vasectomy

Infections may occur, which are mostly minor and can be treated with antibiotics. Limited bleeding and swelling are temporary. Pain may occur in the first days. However, sometimes long-term, non-severe aching pain may also occur.

Is vasectomy 100% successful?

Vasectomy provides more than 99% protection. However, this protection occurs at least 3 months after the operation.

Is sperm still present 3 months after vasectomy?

Living, motile sperm can be found in semen for up to 3-6 months after vasectomy.

Where do sperm go after vasectomy?

Live sperm cells that cannot progress after vasectomy die and are absorbed by the body

How long does a vasectomy last?

Vasectomy is a short procedure that takes about 15 minutes. It can be easily performed with local anesthesia. General or regional anesthesia may also be preferred in patients who are concerned.

​Is it Haram to have a vasectomy?

According to Islamic beliefs, vasectomy may not be considered haram since it is a reversible procedure and it is possible to have children after reversal.

Is vasectomy reversible?

Yes. The cutted sperm ducts called vas deferens can be reconnected and tubularized. Microscopic vasovasostomy procedure has a high success rate (almost 95%).

For microscopic vasovasostomy cost: +90532 485 00 16

Vasectomy cost near me

Although vasectomy price vary depending on various factors, they range between 1000-1500 dollars in Turkey. For more information: +90532 485 00 16

Vasectomy cost without insurance

Vasectomy is a low-cost method of contraception. Even for uninsured patients, it costs an average of 1500 dollars in Turkey.

Vasectomy reversal cost in Europe

The vasectomy procedure is reversible. A high success rate (over 90%) can be achieved with the vasovasostomy method. The cost of this procedure is approximately 4000 dollars in Turkey.

For more information: +90532 485 00 16

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Update Date: 19.11.2023
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