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Penile Prosthesis Surgery Turkey

What is Penile Prosthesis?

Penile prostheses are medical implants placed in the tissue that is compatible with placement in the body and provides erection in the penis.

Penile Prosthesis Surgery Turkey

How is a Penile Prosthesis Inserted? How is Penile Implant Surgery Performed?

In general, two types of placement are preferred. The first is placed with an incision of approximately 10 cm from the junction of the penis and the scrotum (penoscrtal),or with an incision of approximately 10 cm made under the anterior alignment of the bone pelvis (infrapubic) . The surgery can be performed with general anesthesia or regional anesthesia according to the preference of the patient and the doctors.

How long does a Penile Implant Take?

Penile prosthesis insertion usually takes one hour. It is not a major surgery and major bleeding is not expected.

For Which Patients Is Penile Prosthesis Applied? 

It can be applied to all patients with erectile dysfunction due to vascular insufficiency and nerve damage who are unresponsive to medicines. It is mostly required in cancer surgery (prostate cancer, bladder cancer, rectum cancer etc.),diabetes, Peyronie's Disease and erectile dysfunction after trauma.

Penile Prosthesis in Turkey? What is the average cost of penile implant surgery in Istanbul?

Penile implant surgery costs  vary according to the prosthesis used. (For information: whatsapp +905324850016). Malleable penile prostesis costs range 5000 to 7000 USD. Inflatable penile implants costs range 8000 to 10.000 USD. 

How does a Penile Prosthesis Feel?

After penile prosthesis surgery, sexual pleasure (orgasm) is usually not a problem. If cancer surgery hasn’t been performed before and these pathways have not been removed, ejaculation occurs.

Are Patients Satisfied With Penile Prosthesis Surgery?

It is used approximately 4-6 weeks after the prosthesis is placed. User satisfaction increases over time.

The European Association of Urology reported the satisfaction rate of patients who had penile prosthesis surgery at the end of the first year as 92%, and the satisfaction rate of their partner as 95%.

What are the Penile Prosthesis Types? How Does a Penile Prosthesis Work?

Penile prostheses are generally designed as one-piece (malleable) and multi-piece (inflatable) types. The one-piece ones are always hard, ready for intercourse and do not need to be inflated. Advantages of these devices are; It does not require manual skill for its use, does not occur mechanical failure, and is less costly than inflatable ones.

Multi-piece inflatable penile prostheses, on the other hand, can work on a more physiological basis and give patients more realistic pleasure, as they can become both deflated and erect. It does not cause concern whether it is visible from the outside. However, these devices are more costly than monolithic ones.

What is the Average Size of Penile Implants?

The average length of penile prosthesis is 17-22 cm.

Are Penile Prosthesis Visible from the Outside?

One of the biggest concerns of patients with erectile dysfunction who are candidates for penile prosthesis surgery is 'Is the penile prosthesis visible from the outside?. Since inflatable prostheses are only activated during sexual intercourse, it is not obvious from the outside. Thanks to its bendable feature in one-piece prostheses, it can be easily ensured that it is not visible from the outside by leaning against the anterior abdominal wall. So there is no need for this concern.

Risk of Penile Implant Surgery

The most important risks of this surgery are infection and mechanical failure of the device. Mechanical failure is not encountered in one-piece malleable prostheses. Thanks to the improved technical details of multi-part devices, it has been reported that the probability of deterioration even after 5 years for good brands is below 5%.

Antibiotic-coated prostheses have been produced to reduce the possibility of infection, and the possibility of serious infection has decreased to 1-2% thanks to intravenous antibiotics given before and after the surgery.

As a result, penile prosthesis implantation may be required for an active sexual life if there is drug-resistant erectile dysfunction. For more information about prosthetic surgery and penile prosthesis models, consult your urology doctor.

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Dr. Arif Demirbaş was born in 1985 in Turkey. He graduated from Uludag University Faculty of Medicine in 2010. He completed his urology residency training at Ankara Training and Research Hospital between 2011-2016. As a result of intensive academic studies after his specialization, he received the title of Associate Professor in March 2021.

Although he has experience with each of urological diseases, he has a special interest in the diagnosis, medical treatment and surgical treatment of urological cancers (prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and testicular cancer),kidney stone diseases, benign prostate enlargement, adrenal gland diseases (surrenal gland) and pediatric urology diseases (ureteropelvic stenosis, vesicoureteral reflux, undescended testicles). If possible, the surgeries are planned laparoscopically and endoscopically in a way that creates the least discomfort for the patient as required by the era.
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