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Rezum Treatment Turkey

What is Rezum therapy?

It is a method of evaporation of the tissues that cause obstruction in the urinary canal by using thermal water vapor energy in cases of benign prostate enlargement. Thus, the prostate shrinks and the urethra in the prostate is enlarged.

Rezum Treatment Turkey

How is Rezum treatment done?

As in all other endoscopic prostate surgeries, it is advanced by entering from the tip of the penis with special tools and the prostate is reached. Then, with the help of needles placed in the prostate, water vapor is given to the prostate tissues, causing destruction in the cells that cause growth, and thus the prostate becomes smaller in the medium and long term.

Non-surgical solution to the prostate; Rezum

Since the REZUM method in prostate enlargement is performed endoscopically with an optical camera and imaging system and is performed in the operating room, it can be called surgery. However, on the other hand, it is also called 'non-surgical solution to the prostate' as it can be easily applied to the penis with local anesthesia and the patient can be discharged within 1-2 hours.

How long does Rezum last?

The rezum method used in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement is a shorter procedure compared to other prostate surgeries. Although the duration of the procedure varies according to the size of the prostate, the average time is 15 minutes.

How much does Rezum shrink the prostate?

Studies have reported that rezum treatment leads to approximately 30% reduction in prostate volume in 6 months.

Anesthesia in the treatment of Rezum

One of the most important advantages of Rezum treatment is that it can be easily performed with local anesthesia in patients with risky, elderly and many comorbidities.

Is the Rezum surgery painfull?

Rezum treatment can be easily performed without significant pain with local anesthesia applied to the penis and perineal area. However, in individuals who are worried about the procedure, it can be easily performed by applying spinal anesthesia and sedative drugs.

Advantages of Rezum therapy

  • Much less side effects
  • It can be applied in a short time with local anesthesia without requiring general or regional (spinal) anesthesia (so it can be safely applied in elderly patients with high anesthesia risk).
  • Does not require hospitalization
  • Bleeding does not occur during the procedure.
  • Erection functions are preserved.
  • The 'retrograde ejaculation', which is a side effect of other prostate surgeries during sexual intercourse, almost does not develop in this method.

Which hospitals do Rezum treatment?

Rezum treatment is performed by Associate Professor Arif Demirbaş at Bursa Doruk Nilüfer Hospital.

Rezum tretment cost in Turkey

Rezum treatment prices vary according to patient and hospital factors. Please contact us for price information.

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Rezum therapy side effects

Rezum method in prostate enlargement is not a procedure with serious side effects. Its negative effects on erection and ejaculation are minimal. Sometimes bleeding may occur a few days after the procedure. Burning and frequent urination after the catheter is removed are other side effects, which improve over time.

What is the best method for prostate surgery?

In each patient, the decision should be made by considering the examination and ultrasonography findings, the patient's other diseases and expectations from the surgery. Therefore, the 'best prostate surgery' is different for each patient. Which is The Best Methode for Prostate Surgery?

Update Date: 27.03.2023
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arif Demirbaş
Doç. Dr. Arif Demirbaş
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arif Demirbas
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Dr. Arif Demirbaş was born in 1985 in Turkey. He graduated from Uludag University Faculty of Medicine in 2010. He completed his urology residency training at Ankara Training and Research Hospital between 2011-2016. As a result of intensive academic studies after his specialization, he received the title of Associate Professor in March 2021.

Although he has experience with each of urological diseases, he has a special interest in the diagnosis, medical treatment and surgical treatment of urological cancers (prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and testicular cancer),kidney stone diseases, benign prostate enlargement, adrenal gland diseases (surrenal gland) and pediatric urology diseases (ureteropelvic stenosis, vesicoureteral reflux, undescended testicles). If possible, the surgeries are planned laparoscopically and endoscopically in a way that creates the least discomfort for the patient as required by the era.
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